Thank you for taking the time and interest to make Riskbreakers your Free Company.

We have been established since the launch of FFXIV: ARR and though we have remained a small, dedicated, core group of raiders we now turn our eyes to the skies with the release of Heavensward as a perfect opportunity to expand and grow in numbers with a mission to help all of our members progress through the expansion as they see fit. We are a friendly, laid back group of players looking for members with similar ideals and goals to complete and conquer end game raids to end game crafts.

We are currently looking for:
  • All Healers
  • All Tanks
  • All Melee DPS
  • All Ranged DPS

All player styles, skill levels and character levels from low to high are more than welcome to join us.
If you would like to contact a member online to get to know the guild please give Escard Crellen, Esahc Wehttam or Astraea Soryu an ingame message or mog mail!

See you in realm,
ЯB Free Company

Please note FC chat does become mature rated from time to time as we are all adults. New Recruits with zero tolerance(or legally considered a minor) for profane, explcit, questionably dirty language have been warned and should steer clear.
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